I am very excited to be releasing my 3rd CD entitled, “Night People” with a street date of June 5, 2015. It will also be featured on The Jazz Network Worldwide for the week starting on June  8-14, 2015.


The CD release event will be at Café Noctambulo in NYC on June 29, 2015 at 7 PM. The CD and individual songs for downloading are available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

The CD is a concept album and is being released in 2015 to honor Frank Sinatra, who in his Capitol years, fully realized this presentational format, making each song a story within a story. The year 2015 is a big year musically as it is the centennial not only of Frank, but also of Billie Holiday and of Billy Strayhorn. “Night People” also gives a nod to both of them.

The idea for this concept CD came to me as a journey motif. In a way, it is an homage to the folly of my early youthful days, when I haunted and habituated the night scenes and nightscapes searching for the unnamable thing or experience. This divine restlessness was always seeking newness, satisfaction, release, and ultimately peace. The journey can be viewed as someone’s journey from pre-midnight to the ghostly twilight right before the dawn, or it can be seen as character studies of the “dramatis personae” one may meet along the way. Some of the songs may not be as readily recognizable, but they suited the storyline perfectly. And they were written by composers and lyricists who possessed great merit. And so I wish to all you listeners: Bon Voyage!

I am also pleased to announce that I am redoing my website (http://www.kengreves.com) and migrating it from Go Daddy to Host Baby. I am updating it, streamlining it and adding features to it: my blog and my poetry writings.

Besides being a singer, I also have a consulting service that specializes in designing business accounting, reporting and organizational planning, especially for artists. I also provide services to help singers design a show or a CD that would include a plan of executable action.

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