His perfect pronunciation plays a decisive role in the album (Night People), from the lighter to darker texts and allows us to appreciate even a little, a voice out of the ordinary. - By Vittorio Lo Conte

The performance of the ensemble is first-rate, responsive in every way and, if anything even more remarkable is the work of the vocalist, Ken Greves, displaying an exceptional expressive range of tone and dynamic. –Raul da Gama “Night People”

For Ken, the lyrics are the jewel for which the music provides a beautiful setting. This is not to say that sheer musicality does not play a major part in this music.  Ken’s approach in both the arrangements and the manner in which he blends his superb vocal artistry with his musicians is of the highest order, fully conceived within the concept of synergy that is essential to the greatest tradition of jazz. – Marty Khan, OutVisions “Night People”

An obsessive perfectionist Ken Greves has polished these fine works into gleaming gems. As a true musician, he uses his instrument—the voice—idiomatically and is never flashy unlike many other more flamboyant singers of his generation. – Raul da Gama “Vintage & Rare: The Music of Harold Arlen”

Where he gets to brightly shine is with the gems that he's dusting off, such as Arlen and Ralph Blaine's "I Love a New Yorker" and "Cocoanut Sweet" (from Arlen and E.Y. Harburg's Jamaica). ~ Andy Propst Theatremania


Hanley and Greves recall the wonderful partnership between Kurt Elling and Laurence Hobgood. Hanley's svelte pianism is every bit a match with Greves' subtle intonations. –Raul da Gama “The Face of My Love”, All About Jazz

A prolific interpreter of American standards, singer Ken Greves transports audiences back to the Golden Years of jazz and champagne music with his latest album, The Face Of My Love. – Susan Frances Jazz Times

You can hear the passion for Arlen's music deep in Ken’s soul. Pianist Wells Hanley weaves a fabric on lyrical canvas for bassist Tom Hubbard and drummer, Jacob Melchior to create and lifting pad for Ken's voice to delicately lay upon. Ken’s interpretation is befitting the composer, though he makes the cut truly his own, he does honor the composer’s original concepts. The Face of My Love  ~ Review By: Jeff Becker


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